About Us

John A. Alvarez & Sons has been owned and operated by the Alvarez Family for over 56 years.  Founded in 1960 by John and Margaret Alvarez.  Our goal then as it is now, is to provide the best quality manufactured homes, to surpass our home owner’s expectation when purchasing a home, provide a high level of service to our customers, and to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our employees

Throughout the years, we continually strive to create opportunities that will compliment our customer’s vision of home ownership.

The Community at Bell’s Pond located in Livingston, NY allows you the advantage to downsize in a way you never thought was possible.  Today’s energy efficient, cost conscious, low maintenance manufactured homes can provide you what we feel is the best kept secret in housing.  Your lifestyle will be enhanced when you find out all the advantages that these homes have to offer.

We can provide all the necessary services for your individual home site.  Excavation, foundation, septic systems, electrical work, plumbing, decks and steps are but of a few services John A. Alvarez & Sons can provide to make sure your home buying experience maintains the level of service you expect.

Our housing partners from Ritz-Craft Custom Homes of Mifflinburg, PA share the same commitment values and dedication to our customers that John A. Alvarez & Sons has continued to exhibit throughout our 56 year history.

The Alvarez family thanks you for your valuable time to found out about our company.  Our knowledge and experience acquired in our 56 years of continued service in the manufacturing housing industry will be shared when you purchase a house form John A. Alvarez & Sons…
”Let Us Make Our House Your Home”